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November, 2008

Yoga and Hinduism: One and the same?

Last month I came across an article in “The Chicago Sun Times” which talked about yoga and Hinduism. It was written by Rupa Shenoy, and entitled “More Than Just a Pose.” An American of Indian heritage, Rupa voiced his disapproval of the general way in which yoga is being presented in America and pointed out the […]

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[Hinduism and Yoga con't ...]

Page: 1 2 I also imagine that Rupa’s arguments in his editorial on Hinduism and yoga ring true for many Hindus in America today, as they spoke directly to this point. He begins his commentary by lamenting a group of Caucasians at a party who were improperly using, and cheekily mocking, the Indian greeting namasté. […]

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The Karma of an Economic Crisis

It’s been an era of extreme naivety. For more than a decade now, the world populace has been gleefully prancing through life under an ever-darkening veil of maya, or illusion, as though it were somehow possible for millions upon millions of consumers to accumulate the riches of their wildest dreams through little more than positive […]

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[Economic Karma, Con't ...]

As our economic karma sets governments around the world pouring trillions of dollars into their fledgling financial structures, we have all quickly become swept up in yet another delusion. We’re not trying to figure out what we have been doing wrong all along. We’re trying to figure out how to fix things so that we […]

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Amma, Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani

Amma, Puduvai Kalaimamani Yogacharini Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani, was born in The United States of America and travelled to India to study yoga in 1968, at the age of twenty-five. She has remained there ever since. In 1992 she finally received her Indian citizenship, an event that she describes as the proudest day of her life. […]

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